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Open House Success Starts Here


If you’re ready to list your home on the MLS, you might be wondering if an open house is a good idea. The short answer: yes. But executing a successful open house is more than just leaving the front door unlocked and baking a few cookies. It takes work.


Here are a few of the best tips for setting the stage for your open house success:


Start with a clean slate


If you’re still living in the home, you can’t start with a blank canvas but you do have to have a clean house. A really clean house. Cleaner than you’ve ever seen it. You probably shouldn’t leave this up to your own judgement since you have already gone blind to little issues that others will quickly notice (dust bunnies behind the bedroom door, anyone?). Hire a maid service to perform a one-time cleaning, which will make the rest of your jobs much easier. In Portland, it costs between $115 and $248, according to HomeAdvisor, but will save you hours of frustration and may even shave weeks off your wait time between open house and offer.


Up your curb appeal game


You might have planted some flowers and trimmed the bushes but that’s not nearly enough to make your home stand out. Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of selling a home. You don’t have to change the exterior completely, but adding a few extra touches will make your property more inviting and therefore more valuable. House Beautiful offers more than 50 landscaping ideas to help you take your yard to the next level. It may be something as simple as adding a lavender or ornamental grass border along the walkway or a more elaborate upgrade such as creating a covered front porch haven. You don’t have to spend a lot if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do some work yourself.


Get rid of odors


If you’ve ever walked into anyone else’s home and noticed that it smelled different than your own, you understand how no two homes smell exactly alike. Your buyers will be accustomed to their own cleaning products, pets, and lingering culinary concoctions – your home will be a foreign land to their old factory senses. If you smoke or have pets, the scent of your home will very likely be offensive to all who enter. Beyond a deep cleaning, you will need to shampoo the carpets and air the place out for your open house. Avoid scented candles and sprays, which only temporarily mask odor and may trigger an allergic reaction in buyers. The sooner you de-stink your home, the better. Getting rid of bad smells is imperative if you’re trying to sell.


Declutter every room


Now that your house is clean and smells good, it’s time to focus on distractions. Specifically clutter. Your collection of Precious Moments figurines may be adorable, but your buyers came to see your home, not the museum of you. Declutter every room and leave only the items that are absolutely necessary including furniture, basic utensils, and clothing. Everything else can hit the curb or get put in storage. The Spruce suggests that buyers want move-in ready homes. The lived-in look is out.


Talk to your Realtor


Chances are, your real estate agent will be the one hosting your open house. Discuss with them their plan to promote the event as well as how they will answer questions about your property on the big day. Your agent will probably advise you to permit the open house to happen on a Sunday and will set out 40 signs, or so, the morning of.


No matter your reasons for moving, your main goal is likely to get the most money out of your current property and to get out of dodge as quickly as possible. By hosting a well-thought-out open house, you increase your chances of doing just that and will get to enjoy a clean and uncluttered home until you move out.

Author: Bret Engle

Marketing Director: Bradley J Rich